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 Adam Aldred - Junior Vice-Principal/ O2 English         Email                                                       

Wade Banks - Guidance                      Email

Vanessa Benoit - Senior High English             Email

Cathy Breen - Principal                                               Email

Ashley Buchanan - Senior Math                                Email

Phoebe Cameron - Junior VP, Geology 12                Email

Alyssa Chetwynd - Junior Program Support Teacher   Email

Stephen Cullen - Senior Vice-Principal                      Email

Melanie d'Entremont - Guidance (on maternity leave)                            Email

Cindy d'Eon - Canadian History 11F, Grade 7/9 Science and Math (FI), Science 10F     Email

Yvette d'Eon - Francais, FST, EPGF12                           Email

Gary Deviller - Senior Science and Math                        Email

Amanda Digout - Junior French Immersion                      Email

Gerry Digout - Senior Phys Ed.                                                Email

Jevon Doane - Grade 7 Phys. Ed.,  Grade 9 Science         Email

Katie Doane - Senior Science, ACS, Math                       Email                      

Wanda Gillis - Global Geography, Entrepreneurship, Canadian History         Email

Blaine HirtleSenior Technology                                     Email

Yetta Hirtle - Senior Mathematics, Physics                         Email

Kevin Holland - Junior Math, Social Studies                Email

Francine Hopkins - Program Support Teacher           Email

Sam Janke - Program Support Teacher                           Email

Kim Johnson - Junior Math and Science                       Email

Pat Muise - Grade 7, 8 Math, Science, Healthy Living(FI)        Email

Heather Muise - Junior Francais, Science, Art, FST        Email

Maureen Nickerson - Grade 7, 8 English                      Email

Nathan Orman - Senior High Art, Business Technology       Email

Valerie Pierce - Grade 9 Math, Junior Art, FST              Email

Scott Pothier - Junior Core French                                  Email

Susann Symonds- FST, ACS, Francais                       Email

Mike Scott - Grade 8-9 Physical Education                       Email

Katrina Slaney - Senior English                                            Email

Meagan Smith - Grade 7-9 Healthy Living                            Email

Megan Snow - Senior Music, Math                                  Email

Terri Spinney - Junior High English                                Email


Other Support Staff

Joan Smith - Administration Assistant                  Email

Lisa Atwood - Administration Assistant                      Email

Jackie Atwood - Chadwick Services                   Email

Paula Atkinson

Ellen d'Entremont - PSA

Judy Hitchens - Library Technician                      Email

Izetta Foster - Head Custodian                               Email

Stella Nickerson - PSA                                    Email

Jen Ross - PSA

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