History of Barrington Municipal High School

The opening material of this following history is taken from "The Baron 1983", 25th Anniversary of BMHS Yearbook. 

The Opening

The $300 000 Barrington Municipal High School was officially opened by the Honourable Malcolm S. Leonard, Minister of Education, during special ceremonies held in the school gymnasium Friday September 19, 1958 at 8:00 pm.

The School had an enrollment of 365 students and served an area bounded by Clyde River on the east to Wood's Harbour on the west, and Cape Sable Island and Baccaro on the south.

About 500 parents and ratepayers attended the opening ceremonies. Among the special guests were Felton Legere, Member of Parliament for Shelburne - Yarmouth - Clare and James Harding, M.L.A. for Shelburne. The school chorus under the direction of Miss MacNab, music teacher, entertained the gathering.

The school's facilities included an auditorium-gymnasium, 78 ft. by 55 ft., capable of seating six hundred people. A fine stage with adjoining dressing rooms was also provided. Science laboratories were complete with work tables with water, electric outlets and propane gas jets. The Domestic Science laboratory equipment consisted of three electric ranges, washing machine, refrigerator, two sewing machines, other small appliances and counter area. Classrooms were equipped with single pupil desks of a modern design. Seven buses operated to and from the school.  Four of the buses had a capacity of forty-eight passengers each, two of the buses had a capacity for fifty-four, and one of the buses a capacity of sixty-six passengers.

The principal of the school was Scott Sheffield. A native of Advocate NS, he graduated from Provincial Normal College and Acadia University. Mr. Sheffield taught at Central Kings Rural high School and Wolfville High School before coming to Barrington. The High School staff included Mrs. Evelyn Smith, Vice-Principal; and teacher Mrs. O. L. Hupman, Mrs. A. L. Gillis, Mrs. M. E. Nicol, Mrs. B. A. Nickerson, Mr. A. M. Newell, Miss L. J. MacLean, Mrs. V. C. Nickerson, Mrs. V. B. Atkinson, Mrs. J. J. Nickerson, Mr. Everett Chase, Miss Marjorie McNabb, Miss Veronica Ressesco.

The School bus operators were: Mr. Wallace Chetwynd, Mr. John Lombardo, Mr. Robert Nickerson, Mr. Lawrence Messenger, Mr. Melvin Shand, Mr. Everett Banks and Mr. James Matheson. The caretaker was Mr. Charles Townsend.


Barrington Municipal High School has expanded over the years to meet the changing needs and size of the student population.

In 1961 four classrooms were added to the west and of the school, as well as a balcony and shower rooms in the gymnasium.

In 1964 the Annex was built to provide seven more classrooms for the ever-increasing number of students.

The latest addition to the school was made in 1969. The "new school" consisted of fifteen classrooms, plus Biology, Chemistry, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and Commercial Laboratories, administrative offices, another gymnasium, library, an audio visual room, and staff room.

The addition was officially opened on Monday December 15, 1969.


Today Barrington Municipal High School has a student enrolment of over 700 students in grades 7 to 12.  Approximately 100 students graduate from grade 12 each year. The students and staff of Barrington Municipal High feel the school is one of the most progressive in Nova Scotia.

In the fall of 2001, the province announced BMHS as one of a group of schools listed for major renovations.   This was followed in spring of 2003 by an announcement that the school would be replaced, scheduled to open in the fall of 2005.  While planning went on and construction was awaited, the junior high section of the school was closed and boarded up, considered unsuitable for occupation.  The junior high wing was the original school from 1958, as pictured at the top of this page.  Six portable classrooms were installed in the courtyard between the junior high and the senior wing behind it, and the grade seven classes were held back in their elementary schools for two years, dropping our population on site to about 550.

After the usual delays in site selection and construction, the new school opened for excited staff and students on the Easter weekend of April 2006.  There was some sadness in leaving the old building and its history behind, but it had become unsuitable and too expensive to upgrade.  The older site, as is the practice, will be turned over to the Municipality.

Last update September, 2008